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Future P.O.S. is a powerful Point of Sale package designed for the hospitality industry. It can handle virtually ANY size installation, and can be configured to handle any type of business from bar/fine dining to delivery/takeout. Additionally, it has all the impressive features you've seen on more expensive systems, but at a fraction of the cost. With Future P.O.S. you don't pay more, you just get more!

• Open check redundancy: This means that in a network configuration, if the server should cease to work for some reason, NO information is lost and all terminals can continue to operate, keeping service disruption to a minimum.

 • Utilizes an ODBC compliant database: Allows users to write reports using any of the report writers on the market.

Course Firing (also called Hold and Fire): Allows the user to place an entire order, after which the system sends the different courses of the order to the kitchen automatically at the appropriate time.

  Automatic Printer Rerouting. In the event of a printer error, all output to that printer is automatically rerouted to a working printer.

• Written 100% in Microsoft Visual C: Without getting into technical jargon, this means that this product was written by professional programmers with over a decade of experience each. NOT by some owner's nephew who took a 3 month course at the community college to learn VISUAL BASIC!

Graphical logos: Can be added to the top of the check to provide a more professional looking receipt for customers.

Item Recipe Lookup:. A server can look up an item's ingredients, providing nutritional information as well as allowing the customer to avoid foods that could cause an allergic reaction.

Item Countdown: Allows items with a limited quantity to show the user how many are left, as well as recommend an alternate item to the user when the quantity reaches zero.


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